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MODERNIZATION OF CLEANING – Everyone at some point ends up cleaning dishes, and now you can do so more effectively while staying sanitary with these innovative Spongbot Silicone Dish Sponge and dish scrubber! It’s flexible enough to get into those harder to reach places, and made with food grade materials. Spongebots can be used as a dish sponge, pot scrubber and kitchen sponges.
ODOR, WHAT SMELL?– Spongebot kitchen sponges will not stink and were made to not harness food particles. Keeping stink out of your sink. A traditional kitchen scrubber sponges will hold water and odor not Spongebots
SAY GOODBYE TO GERMS AND MOLD!– Spongebot silicone dish sponges and pot scrubbing pad made from corn, do not hold water like a traditional dish sponge. Spongebot dish sponges keep germs away from you and your family, Who doesn’t love that?
NEVER SCRATCH A PAN AGAIN! – Spongebots were designed to scrub but not scratch. Using the dish scrubber cloth and the dish scrubber silicone you will be able to clean
STRESS FREE GUARANTEE– Spongebot better sponge and scrubber kits are backed by a 100% guarantee to resist germs and clean your dishes!

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Spongebots are a revolutionary dish sponge by Dingbot INC.1.CLEANS BETTER- Because using wet nasty kitchen sponges seems so yesterday! Spongebot silicone dish sponges and scrubbers do the job time every time, no stinky odors or mold ever. 2.NEVER BUY DISH SPONGES AGAIN. Why keep buying sponges that fall apart and you have to replace? One Spongebot dish scrubber kit can last for years. Just toss them in the dishwasher for a clean from time to time. Imagine how much money you could start saving today! 3. LIFETIME OF USE- Imagine being able to use the same sponge and scrubber over and over again without the worry of using a dirty kitchen sponge again. Spongebots were designed to get the job done right everytime. 4. Earth Conscious Materials- Spongebots are made from high-quality BPA Free Silicone and the pot scrubbing cloths are made from 100% corn resin. 5.Doing the dishes do not have to be a chore anymore. Spongebots make cleaning your dishes easy, clean and sanitary every time. Act now to keep bacteria infested sponges out of your home.

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