LED Drawing Board


  • 👁️PROTECT YOUR EYES! Our special built light guide plate prevents eye fatigue or strains common with other light boxes. The advanced filter blocks the LED light spectrum range that causes common eye pain while still providing perfect lighted images that can be easily traced. This Light Box Drawing tablet has special 50,000 hour high quality LED lights
  • 🔌ONE OF A KIND POWER SUPPLY- Our Digital LED light pad has a rugged external power cord. This means that our USB cord will last longer and will not become loose over time like other plug in style light up tracing pad
  • 👍ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS- Just tap your finger on the Dingbot logo sensor to dim or brighten this Led drawing pad. Adjust the brightness on this tracing light copy board for animation tattoo sketches X-ray viewing or diamond painting.
  • ✔️REMARKABLE DESIGN- You want the best design, right? Our Ultrathin light 3.5mm A4 size light box copy board easily fits into a bag or rucksack. This led drawing box is made from quality materials that transmit even light through the tracing light box and emits very little heat, perfect for many hours of use.
  • 🖊️MULTIPLE USE- Perfect gift for any artist. Used for Tracing Paper, Costume Design, Water color Painting, Quilting, Tattoo Design, Calligraphy, Architecture Design, 5D Painting with diamonds, Cartoon, X-ray Film, Flip Books. An excellent tracing tool for kid if you want to develop their talent of drawing.


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